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4 Holiday Electrical Fails From Your Favorite Holiday Classics

‘Tis the season for cups of hot cocoa by the fire, the smell of frasier fir filling your home and twinkling lights dancing along the branches of the tree and the trim of your house. 

Christmas traditions bring the entire family together and are a great way to celebrate the season. One of the most popular and favorite Christmas traditions is snuggling up by the fire to watch Christmas movies with friends and family. 

But it’s not just holiday joy and cheer that we love, there are also some lessons to be learned by Clark Griswold, Kevin McCallister, the Grinch and Buddy Hall. 

  1. When you’re doing electrical work, you need the right equipment. 

As the Whoos down in Whoville began to adorn their homes with tinsel and twinkling lights, Betty Lou Who had brought every light from inside her house outside so that she would have the brightest house in all of Whoville. That is, until Martha May stopped by with the light gun and twinkled her way to the top. Betty Lou Who didn’t stand a chance because she simply couldn’t get the job done without the right equipment. 

If you find yourself trying to work on an electrical problem in your house this year, take a lesson from Donna Lou Who and call the professionals with the right equipment. 


  1. Connecting Electrical Currents to the Wrong Pieces Can be Dangerous

Mischievous Kevin McCallister knew what he was doing when he connected electrical voltage to the sink that Marv would eventually use but that doesn’t mean it was safe. When you play with fire you’re bound to get burned, but it’s not always intentional. Avoid being shocked like Marv and call a professional when you’re not sure what to do.


  1. It’s Not Always As Easy as Flipping A Switch

Clark Griswold was set on giving his family the greatest Christmas vacation they’d ever experienced, and some will say he succeeded others will say he failed. But one thing’s for sure, his Christmas lights will shine through the ages of Christmas films. With plug after plug after plug and drop cord after drop cord after drop cord (not recommended by the way) he finally turned on the lights he had strung along every square inch of his home. The more accurate part of this scene is Clark’s frustration when he thinks all of his hard work will not work. We’ve all been there before. So, next time you’re about to start a home electrical project, don’t! Skip the frustration and call a professional. 


  1. Bright Lights Can Bring Joy

If you’re like Buddy Holly in Deck the Halls and want to have the brightest lights in all the world (well, maybe just on the block) then you’ll need a good electrician. Buddy Holly’s light display brought everyone together for joy and cheer, well except for his neighbor and wife. But you can have bright lights all year round when you have a solid electrician for all of your lighting and electrical needs. 

You can have bright lights, safe electrical outlets and avoid faulty wiring all year round when you call the team at NuBlue. This team of professionals will keep you from getting shocked like Marv, will have all of the right equipment so you don’t feel embarrassed like Betty Lou Who and for you, it’ll be as easy as flipping on a switch. 

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