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Flushing Failures? 3 Reasons Why Your Toilet Fills Slowly


Ease Plumbing and Air Helps to Resolve why your toilet isn't flushing as it should be.

If your heart sinks every time you flush the toilet because the water has been trickling in slower and slower day by day and you aren’t sure if today is the day it’s going to just stop, then this flushing failure blog is for you. 

To ease your panic from the start, this is a common issue that many homeowners in the Charlotte & Greenville areas and beyond experience. It’s not a detrimental issue, it likely won’t cause long-term damage and it also won’t break the bank to resolve. 

But the question still remains, what’s causing this? Well, let’s take a look at these three possibilities. 

  1. The Water Supply Valve Is Malfunctioning 

Unless you’re a plumber or have tried to DIY plumbing problems yourself, you may not know what a water supply valve is, and that’s why we’re here. The water supply valve is the knob sticking out from the wall just below the toilet, it controls the water that goes into the toilet. If the water supply valve is blocked with debris or is partially closed, then it may not be able to supply the water at the proper speed. 

  1. The Float Ball Is Waterlogged

Did you ever play catch with a rubber ball while you were in the pool? And maybe some water got in the ball and it stopped working like it used to? Well, that could be the case here. If the float ball gets waterlogged then it won’t allow the tank to fill as it should, and therefore results in an inadequate amount of water in the tank. 

  1. The Fill Valve Tube Isn’t Working

When you have an employee who doesn’t do their job, it can slow the entire team down. The fill valve tube may just be that metaphorical employee. Its job is to control the water level in the tank, but over time it can wear down, get clogged and shift. Without the fill valve tube doing its job correctly, your toilet will continue to fill slowly. 

So, now what?

Now you know what could be causing the issue but how do you know which of the three problems may be occurring and what’s the resolution? Here’s what you need to do: call NuBlue Plumbing and Air.

The plumbing experts at NuBlue are trained and qualified to assess the situation, diagnose the problem and provide you with a resolution. 

Your job is easy, just call the team at NuBlue—we’ll have your toilet filling as good as new in no time. 

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