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7 Furnace Facts All Homeowners Should Know


7 furnace facts all homeowners should know

Think about it, what is one of the appliances that you rely on the most but know the least about? It’s not something you use all year long, but you’re thankful it works when you need it most. And it’s often out of sight, out of mind. Have you figured it out yet? 

Your furnace. 

Homeowners depend on furnaces to keep the house warm when temperatures drop and winter arrives, but how much do you really know about your furnace? About how to properly maintain your furnace? Or what about warning signs when something is wrong?

Take a look at these 7 furnace facts and get to know this appliance that you likely couldn’t live without, not comfortably at least. 

  1. Furnaces Can Have A Long Lifespan

Yep, it’s true. If you properly maintain your furnace it could last for 15-20 years keeping you and your family warm and toasty. 

  1. Furnaces Are The Most Common Heat Source Found in Homes

Sure some people use fireplaces, space heaters and lots of blankets, but furnaces are the most common heat source found in American homes. And this isn’t anything new. Furnaces originated with the Romans and have been a common household appliance ever since. 

  1. Furnace Installations Are Regulated by The Government

This is not a DIY situation. Furnace installations are regulated by the government for your own protection. It’s important to call in a professional to install and maintain your furnace so that you don’t run into any safety hazards. 

  1. Furnaces Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

No one like to wake up to a flooded basement because a frozen pipe burst. Furnaces can help keep this from happening when the temperatures dip below freezing. 

  1. Furnaces Have Three Main Parts

The three main components of a furnace are:

  1. The burner that produces the heat
  2. The heat exchanger that separates breathable air from the rest
  3. The blower that circulates the breathable air through the air ducts

Yes, there are more than those three parts, like the pilot light, air filter, control valve, etc. but those are the three primary components that make up your furnace. 

  1. Furnaces Should Never Be Crowded

Homeowners are often tempted to store holiday decorations, boxes of memories or bags of giveaway clothes next to the furnace in the basement, but furnaces should never be crowded. Storing things too close to your furnace could result in a fire hazard and prevent you from reaching the furnace quickly in case of an emergency. 

  1. Furnaces Need Preventative Maintenance

Like most appliances, furnaces do require preventative maintenance so that they continue to work at their peak performance and keep you warm for 20 years or more. The team at NuBlue Air is trained to properly assess your furnace, make any necessary repairs and ensure that it is ready to keep you warm all winter long. You can make your appointment with NuBlue Air by calling (866) 455-2583 or booking online.

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