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How The Next Generation Of Tradesman Are Avoiding College Debt


Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the hallowed halls of our high school days— the days of late summer nights and the endless questions about your plans for the future, the days of carefree living but high expectations. 

Picture that you’re back in your sophomore year history class or your junior year chemistry class, can you remember your classmates? Their personalities? What your friends excelled in and what they struggled in? 

Maybe this is your present day and you’re feeling the pressure of the high-stakes decisions that need to be made, like if you’ll go to college, where you’ll go to college, what you’ll study and essentially, what you’ll do for the rest of your life. 

No two students will have the same approach, the same skill set, the same ambitions or the same passions, so why then is a four-year college degree so often presented as the only viable way to make a living after graduation?

Here’s a secret— it’s not. 

This one-size fits-all mentality does not account for individuals who have different passions, ambitions and financial situations. 

Did you know that 69% of seniors graduating with a four-year college degree had student loan debt and the average debt from public and nonprofit college in 2019 was $29,900 which is a 2% increase from 2018? (Source: )

“The Department of Education reports that the typical repayment period for borrowers with between $20,000 and $40,000 in federal student loans is 20 years.”

On the other hand, students who attend a trade school accrue less than half of the average amount of debt and on average earn more money immediately after graduation. For instance, plumbers in Charlotte, North Carolina are making an average of over $56,000 yearly, and the top 90% of Charlotte plumbers are making over $76,000 annually.  (Source:

For the students who like to work with their hands, interact with people on a daily basis, assess problems critically and find solutions quickly, there are different paths that you can take to have a successful future. Think about it, never having to sit behind a desk again. Bliss. 

If you’d like to get your hands dirty in the world of Plumbing and Air, the team at NuBlue is growing and you could be the next member of the fastest growing home service company in the country. You can apply to joining the team at NuBlue here. 

But not only could you join the team but NuBlue gives plumbers and HVAC technicians with entrepreneurial ambition the chance to grow their career with a unique opportunity. We give you the training, financing and resources to get your licensing. Together, with NuBlue backing you as Neighborhood Market Leader, you’ll open your own location, manage your own team and get equity in our company. We want the next generations of Plumbers and HVAC technicians to be owners alongside us. Apply for location here and learn how you can become a NuBlue Neighborhood Market Leader.

We believe that one-size does not fit all and we also believe that it’s the passion to grow, to learn, and to empower that ignites us to be the best we can be for those around us. If this sounds like it does fit your goals, work-style and professional desires, then maybe it’s time you look into becoming one of Charlotte’s top-rated plumbers with NuBlue. 

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