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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common as our world makes more technological advancements, seeks to reduce climate change, and finds sustainable solutions for the future. According to the New York Times, Tesla is breaking record profits, General Motors has made plans to sell only electric vehicles by 2035 and Volkswagen is working to make electric vehicles cheaper than gasoline-powered vehicles. Tesla originally sold a lifestyle, a vision of what owning an electric vehicle said about your success and trend-setting nature. Now, everyone wants in. 

A recent survey from Consumer Reports shows that although only 30% of people know much about electric vehicles, 71% of people are open to owning an electric vehicle at some point in the future. 

If you find yourself saying you’d also be open to purchasing an electric vehicle at some point in time, but you also need to do some research before getting behind the wheel, we can help. From an electrician’s point of view, here are 5 things that you should consider before purchasing your shiny new electric vehicle. 

  1. The Charging Time 

What many people don’t know is that while most electric vehicles can be charged from a regular outlet, it can take over 24 hours to reach a full charge. If you are living life on the go and don’t have 24 hours to wait for your car to charge, you’ll likely need to upgrade to a level two charger. This does require installation from a professional electrician as it needs a 240-volt circuit. With this level two charger, you’ll be able to gain full power within 2-3 hours as opposed to 24. 

  1. The Charging Location

Not only do you need to consider how long it will take to charge the EV, but also where will you charge it. Do you commute to work and is there a charging station at or nearby? Do you travel often and will there be charging stations along the way? Knowing where your nearby charging stations are and how easy they are to access is something that you should consider before purchasing an electric vehicle. If you’re charging your EV primarily at home, the team at NuBlue can help you set up your level two, at-home charging station; simply give our team a call or book online. 

  1. The Battery Life

Next, you’ll want to think long-term and consider the battery life of your new electric vehicle. If you’ll be primarily using the level three chargers at parking garages, hotels or rest stops, it’s important to know that these can shorten the battery’s lifespan by causing more wear and tear on the battery. Additionally, if your car’s battery has a longer lifespan, it can increase the resale value of your car if you choose to sell later down the road. 

  1. The Cost of Ownership

Electric vehicles can be on the more expensive side, but maintenance may not be as expensive as you think. Consumer Reports found that the average EV owner saves upwards of $1000 annually on fuel costs. Additionally, the study found that because gasoline-powered vehicles require more fluid changes and maintenance, EV’s maintenance and repair costs are about half of their gasoline-powered counterparts. Consumer Reports found that the average savings over the lifetime of the vehicle are around $4600. Plus, make sure you’re looking to see if the electric vehicle of your choosing is eligible for the one-time $7,500 federal tax credit

  1. The Experience

Finally, you’ll want to consider the experience. Get behind the wheel and take it for a spin. Does the car meet your needs? Is it suitable for your lifestyle? Have you considered the insurance costs, the charging times, and all of the other intricacies that go along with owning an electric vehicle?

The team at NuBlue is trained and experienced in installing level two eclectic car chargers for your home. If you’re the proud new owner of an EV, give our team a call or book your appointment online and let us get your charging station set up. 

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