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5 Risks of DIY Electrical Repairs

As a homeowner, you will likely experience some type of problem with your electrical system throughout the years. It can be tempting to put on your best work boots, grab your tool belt, watch a few how-to YouTube videos and say that you can fix it yourself. However, there are 5 real dangers of do-it-yourself repairs on your home’s electrical system.

  1. It’s Not Safe

Watching a few YouTube videos won’t teach you everything there is to know. The NuBlue team is highly skilled and trained so that they can stay safe while working. Electric shocks account for more than 1,000 deaths per year in the United States, and working on your electrical system without proper training could put you at risk

  1. It Could Cause a Fire Hazard

Whether it’s faulty wiring or naked wires, not knowing the proper way to repair your home’s electrical system could cause a fire. You may not notice it right away but beneath the surface and behind the walls, the wires are heating up. If there’s a power surge, there’s a chance that an electrical fire could consume your home. 

  1. It Needs To Be Inspected

No matter how big or how small the repair is, it could cause legal problems for you in the future as all things electrical are subject to regular inspection. If you ever sell your home, and your DIY repair is found upon inspection, it could create a problem for you. 

  1. It Takes Longer

Repairing your home’s electrical system could take longer than it should when you don’t have the proper training and experience. It could take hours, it could take days and all the while you and your family are sitting in the dark, wishing the power would come back on. 

  1. It Requires Specific Tools and Parts

Let’s face it, you don’t have all of the tools in your garage that a professional electrician has at his/her disposal. If you try to fix your electrical system with things you find around the house, the chances are that you’ll be calling NuBlue to fix what you tried to fix sooner than later. However, if you call our team the first time, you could be saving time and money on future repairs. 

The best way to avoid electrocution, house fires and fines is to call the team at NuBlue for all of your electrical repairs. From circuit breakers to outlets and whole-home generators, the team at NuBlue can inspect and repair your electrical system safely and efficiently. 

You can make your appointment with the team at NuBlue by calling (866) 455-2583 or booking your appointment online.

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